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- MAY 2020

 The real world began as a beautiful inspiring place but by March turned surreal with pandemic, lockdown and #blacklives matter. My work responded to all of this.




Every day is a school day and if life is worth living it is worth learning - which means exploring.  Images from Camino and from my now well-established  iconography continue (during the year from winter 2018 to winter 2019) to give me a language in which to talk about the great game of life as we all live it.  New images also appear.  Over the winter I re-explore ancient stories, particularly those about what it is to be female.  Throughout the year I discipline my eye and my  brush by practising reality: exploring the external landscape as well as the internal, light as well as paint and pencil.  I am more aware of myself as a result of publishing my memoir, externalising my story so far in words. I begin to find that real places that are inseparable from the experiences of my soul, provide, in their much loved detail, as strong a language in which to call out to the world in paint too: Be mindful of the detail!

Summer 2019