A journey of hope and inspiration through life-threatening illness, developing a unique strength-evoking iconography, exploring depiction of the female body, identity and what we take on our travels inevitably or by force of will.

Camino Blues
Indoors - Bedroom

Alison Chandler


Chris Hegharty

" From concept sketch to completed piece, Alison's art is ever evolving, taking the day to day into the equation

Each piece is full of life and if you take the time and let it, it will tell you a tale.


No matter your style, of the many pieces Alison has created to date, you will surely find at least ten that call to you. "

keychain 3.jpg


Introducing the beginning of a new line of Way Through Project merchandise

Key to being "Fantastic" [Keychain]

Key to being "Fantastic" [Keychain]


The key to being Fantastic is the next step you take.


A bespoke acrylic keychain inspired by the Original Artwork "Fantastic". Measures 5cm tall and comes with attached spiral ring.

Watch the Award Winning Short Documentary about the beginning of the Way Through Project. 

Walking Backwards: (Up an Apostle's Nose)

My first published Memoir.

"Launched on St James's Day, 25th July 2019 this memoir, framed in 6 days walking on the Camino de Santiago de Compostela, is a true story of a teenager's transition to womanhood and Spain's transition to democracy, a tale of banker knights, policeman's bottoms, dangling caterpillars, zombies and beautiful landscapes.  It is a journey through cancer, art and love until the end of the earth".


What do these pictures make you feel or think?  Would you like to express your own situation?  Are you looking for information our networks might help with?  Do you have artwork – painting, poetry, music, photography – you would like to share? Do you lack confidence to get arty? Over to you!


The Way Through Project is not a medical or counselling organisation. It is delivered by Alison with help from friends. If we can help in some way we will try to do so.

Your information will be handled privately and will not be passed on or used for anything without your permission. 

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